Electric Moped


Since the ‘90s, Nicola Adorni, inspired by the “Vel” project, has been interested in designing an electric moped with innovative technical features. After having contacted and afterwards having collaborated with many people with vast knowledge in the fields of electronics and mechanics, in November 1994 the first electrical moped built in Ticino (Swiss), named “Elektroschock1”, was inspected and legalized in Camorino (TI-Swiss).
The moped has many un common tecnical features :

  • Engine brake with accumulator recharge

  • Techometer

  • 2 electronic gears (variation of engine acceleration ramp)

  • High frequency engine and to tall turns reduced with transmission eciplicodial


Specifications :

  • Engine: 60 Volt 1.5 Kw

  • Highest allowed speed: 40 Km/h (25 mph)

  • Weight: 80 Kg

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