Pressure jet PJ-ANZE/ 130-1


Thanks to the collaboration with Z-JET, an italian turbine and jet firm led by my friend Stefano Zanin and his father Elio, world champion of flight with pulse-jet engines in 63-64, we built this pressure-jet and completed the project in the summer of 2004.
This powerplant marks the beginning of a new route the Team followed, that one of engines that present many advantages compared to traditional type pulsereactors:

  • Easy functioning without the need of pressurized air

  • Possibility to regulate power output

  • Use of liquid gas as fuel

The engine is full stainless steel and as can be seen in the pictures, the air/fuel injectors are drop shaped in order to favor aerodynamics of the entire propulsor.

Specifications :

  •  Lenght: 1230 mm

  •  Maximum diameter: 230 mm

  •  Weight: 19000 g

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