Pulsejet with pressurized fuel injection

At the present time, with the idea from a project already done, we are trying to build a perfectly functioning engine that needs fuel to be injected under pressure and has valves mounted on a conical support.
The most important modifications done so far are the extension of the exhaust piping and the modification of the fuel injection runners. We do not exclude the possibility of also modifying the diffusor and the air entrance area in combustion chamber.


  • Lenght: 740 mm

  • Maximum diameter: 160 mm

  • Weight: 4200 g


Jet iniezione evoluto 1.jpg (132353 byte)Jet iniezione evoluto 2.jpg (169203 byte)Jet iniezione evoluto 3.jpg (67933 byte)Jet iniezione evoluto 4.jpg (72681 byte)



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