Pulsejet 15 Kgp

It was built in 97-98 based on the experience acquired with the small pulsejet and it is also made of stainless steel and aluminium.
This propulsor is still in an evolutionary phase. We are collaborating with
, in order to ensure to achieve maximum reliability, since it is installed on a bycicle.
The main modifications are in the head, the injector and the final flare of the exhaust pipe.
At the present time we are working on the possibility of increasing performance through the use of a after-burner, dual exhaust piping and NOS injection in the head.
It is of traditional conception with radial valves and fuel intake with the Venturi effect due to the specific shape of the head.



  • Lenght: 1080 mm

  • Maximum diameter: 160 mm

  • Weight: 8500 g Weight: 8500 g

Jet medio ev 1.jpg (377350 byte)Jet medio ev 2.jpg (416223 byte)Jet medio ev 3.jpg (182856 byte)Jet medio ev 4.jpg (235588 byte)Jet medio ev 5.jpg (57605 byte)


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